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Across the street after potatoes

The Barn Kitchen purchases raw materials for cooking from its neighbors in Thykkvabær and, as the case may be, elsewhere in the South.

Potatoes are obtained next door in a literal sense, in Önnupartur across the street.

It is where the production of the brothers Guðmundur and Yngvi Hardarson is based.

Guðmundur lives in Önnupartur and Yngvi in ​​Hábær. They have watched with interest and satisfaction with the construction of their neighbors in converting former Oddspartur 

outbuildings into food experience company with everything.

"Our grandmother and grandfather, Sigríður Magnúsdóttir and Yngvi Markússon, had Oddspartur  but Our parents, Eygló Ingvadóttir and Hörður Júlíusson, had Önnupartur. families  farmed socials in potato breeding and in Oddspartur was also farms and cows in the barn. We brothers here we run through the gates of youth and know every inch of the

houses where The Barn Kitchen is operated. Where cooking takes place, in our childhood, we were honored and chrome lambs and stallions on stalls. The banquet hall is in the barn that was in between treasure house and barn. Grandma and grandfather sold the land in 1991 and he died in the spring.

Oddspartur is therefore connected to our childhood memories and we are extremely pleased to have moved there efficient executives with exciting ideas for a new business venture. Thick expressions are usually fond of what is happening there and the owners' enterprise

Oddspartur also draws a lot of attention elsewhere in the municipality and elsewhere in the South.

It is also noticed that there is a great deal of work in every way and nowhere to be thrown!

Our special attention was that the south wall of the barn was kept in its original form and gives a special look to the banquet hall. Our vigilant grandfather originally built the barn and struck the walls with an iron bar. He fell from a young man on in 1946 and grandfather and grandmother bought his share in the earth in 1949. Later grandfather expanded the barn

and then used molding timber for the concrete work. Part of our family's real estate history

it appeals to the guests of the Battery House and is a fun part of the overall image of the house. "



It is an experience to visit Þykkvibær, the oldest village in Iceland, and explore the area on foot. Icelanders know Þykkvibær as one of the country's main potato farming area but many Icelanders have never visited the place. That can easily be fixed and now it can also include a unique culinary experience with a visit to the Barn Kitchen along with your group!

   • The first sources of settlement in Þykkvibær are from the year 1220 and centuries later it was considered to be similar in size as Reykjavik. It was a big town during this time compared to the other towns in Iceland and from there Þykkvibær derives its name from, þykkvi meaning dense or thick.

•  Þykkvibær has long been considered a good community, with solidarity and a helping hand often more readily available than elsewhere in Iceland.

 • Fishing was practiced at the beach but due to accidents because of an ill landing, it stopped in the middle of last century.

 • The children's school was formed in Þykkvibær 1892, the first in the countryside of Southern Iceland.

 •  In 1962 the book, Thousand Years of Municipal Villages by the author Árni Óla, was published. In the book, he discusses various aspects of Þykkvibær. He notes that Þykkvibær was for centuries isolated because the river Þverá flowed above the village and made transportation difficult. The villagers were fond of horse meat, but the Church at the time condemned people who ate horse meat. Therefore, the people of Þykkvibær have had to stand tight together in the past.

• Today, most of the locals are potato farmers or work in the factory called Þykkvabæjar. Additionally, there is some employment in the travel industry with one hotel and one guesthouse in the village. The church, a beautiful pyramid, was built 1972 but the school there is no longer operating and today the children go to school in the nearby town of Hella.

South coast of Iceland has everything you are looking for in short distance

# Hlöðueldhúsið, Cook with locals in Þykkvibær, 16 km south from Hella 

# Hotel VOS, small comfortable hotel in Þykkvibær

# Caves of Hella, the underworld of the South

#  Many waterfalls 

#  Many small villages

#  Many beautiful mountains, Hekla, Eyjafjallajökull, Katla.  The geology is like an open book in every look.

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